Untitled. 2014, acrylic , paper collage


I made this piece 2014 when I was studying abroad in Great Britain, I was the only black student on the trip. Real talk, I was the only black student studying art at that time in the entire University. I was exposed to Great Britain's response to the slave trade compared to that of the United States response.

I was feeling so many raw and tense emotions as a black person who had heard another piece of history that I had not known. So I made this. When I shared it with my professor and classmates. My art professors response surprised me when he catergerized this work as "shock art." Because to me, there was nothing "shocking" about it. This depicted the experience that me and many other black people felt. I didn't receive a good score on this piece.


Fast forward to 2020. The first time I feel comfortable exposing this precious piece of mine publicly.