The Past. Ink Print on Cargo Paper


“History is not about the past. It’s about the present!” –Dr. El-Kati

Just in the last 2 weeks, 6 black individuals, have been seen hanging in trees; all deemed as suicides...


Were they?


I created this print in 2014, at the beginning of my awakenings to my ancestral trauma.
Lynching has officially became a federal crime February 6th...2020.
Nearly 65 years after Emmett Till.

If you look closely at this piece, you can see a very faint finger print stained in the negative space of the noose. It's mine.


"Historical Trauma is an example of intergenerational trauma. It’s caused by events that target a group of people. Thus, even family members who have not directly experienced the trauma can feel the effects of the event generations later."


Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart, PhD


It may be comforting to believe or see this as the past; but is it? And what other things are used in its place?


For my white friends and colleagues, the last couple of weeks may have been uncomfortable for you; especially to those who are using this time to learn; to see a little bit inside the souls who are still mourning. To see the pain and recognize that it is real; that it is present. But, you see, these are the first steps to rectify the weed still deeply rooted within the soul of this land.


To know that this is not the past


Thank you all for your support ❤️

The Past