**150 Canvas Print**


**Limited copies of Pattern, 2014. Printed on Cargo Paper coming soon**


Many are unaware of how African people (my ancestors) were transported in the slave ships. Fathers, mothers, children... people, chained laying side by side, laying in their own waste for several several days.


Many didn't make it.


I didn't learn the raw unmodified details about this until I was in college. This shook me to my core. That they were literally seen as Cargo. I can't help but feel that some of these ideologies are still alive. History tends to repeat it self, disguised in a different form when lessons are not learned. And from a distance, appears to be a motif or a decoration; a pattern.


It's beautiful to see many having the courage to look closely. To see the seed that was planted there. And uproot the weeds deep in the hearts of men, that one never knew existed